Wednesday, 5 March 2008


Early Action Group Project - North West Design Consultants G...

"If you're successful, the chances are you take design as seriously as we do. Graphics are the reason we get up in the morning.

In marketing jargon, it's all about creating 'brand equity'. We prefer a more straight- talking northern patois. It's about building the bottom line; it's not about vain aesthetics.

We're identity specialists who are renowned for creative thinking and craft skills and we enjoy the challenge of problem-solving.

What's more, we're really rather good at it, which is why we were named in the top five of the North of England Design Consultancy
of the Year awards 2007. "

"The North West based printer approached us to create a piece of promotional material to showcase their capabilities. The brief was simple; create a piece of print that would generate profile."

"Working in conjunction with photographer Euan Myles, we designed a diary that showcased printing. We employed various print techniques to support and enhance the concept. It now sits on desks all over the North West."

The owner of one of Manchester's last traditional gentleman's barbers wanted something special when celebrating 40
years in business.

As most customers were city professionals,
it made perfect sense to run the calendar over the financial year, utilising the red and white striped barber's pole and other iconic images to create a clean, crisp promotional item. The calendar won several awards.

Creative Partnerships Manchester Salford wanted to showcase some of the schools and pupils that have benefited from participating in the activities from their innovative programmes.

We designed a bespoke plastic portfolio, complete with handles, that housed a
series of case studies and information.
The additional capacity provided the opportunity to add further projects in
the future.