Thursday, 18 October 2007


Environmental design is an interest to mine because it exists off the page, out of the book, of th e web, it has physical presence. It can coexist with human presence or be there to block or provoke human existence. It is a completely different medium, it is where the idea takes hold.

i like the simplicity and easy navigation of this website it forces you to remember the name and logo of the company by using it as the main fous of the site for navigation.

Dry UK

Dry design are interesting design group, they try to think outside of the box and come up with innovative campaigns. ideas based, concept based original campaigns. They come up with a concept a campaign concept then the apply this to create a range of different outcomes. Theyre work encompasses the realms of environmental design, marketing, art direction, campaign management. They're work doesn't rely on a particular format, they don't use a particular tool in the way of typography, illustration, digital media. theyre given a brief and they react to it using tools that are appropriate to the task whether this be poster, environment design, shop design.

Theyre client list tends to go towards clothing and youth culture enterprises. This i think has given them creative freedom because these brands have to be seen as being creative, they have to offer up a brand identity of being fun and exhillerating.

theyre client list

highbury college
ben sherman
dead teen
lee jeans

Old store infected with furniture eating spots

initial concept drawing

pre launch staff t shirts

The dry team were asked to create a campaign that would encompass the closure of the old store and the launch of the new store. They decided that the old store would contract a spotty furniture eating disease which would slowly grow week by week until the whole store including the furniture were consumed with large swirls and dayglo spots. The furniture, being adverse to the disease would morph into creature hybrids with wings and feet and flee to the new store. "we wanted to captivate the loyal habitat shopper while engaging the new, to havethem enter a world of wonder, spectacle and theatre.

Dry took this idea and applied it to a range of different mediums.

Instore disease installation
3d hybrid furniture sculptures
guerilla magnet campaign
pre and post door drops
launch day event
enchanted little helpers with giveaways
enchanted white horse and carriage
silver tuk-tuks
enchanted nibbles
dark enchanted morris men
mettallic balloons
diseased tees
enchanted tees and hoodies

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

AVA Publishing

Inspiring Creative Web Design Book

"Specialist publishers AVA commissioned us to art direct this book, which focuses on the creative side of the Internet. The design of each page is illustrated with, and influenced by, some of the experimental online art and stunning web graphics shown within the book."

interesting interactive website. by designers republic.


Found this while researching greyscale prinitng. Interesting conjunction of type with image and type as image.

This was a free typeface offered on the website, it offers great clarity and simple beauty. through curvaceous strokes and large counters.

I particularly like the abstract typeface used below. it almost seems to refer to folded paper, or origami.

this really simple composition works well. The flowing lines and tonal graduation of the photograph brings you to the bottom of the image taking you past the title "book". The type also seems to mirror some aspects of the photograph with flowing lines and simple forms.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

vicious 5 video

interesting combination of video, drawing and animation.

this video was created by distributing 40 frames of the video to different designers and illustrators for them to draw over how they please. this gave the designers 2 seconds of footage to treat how they please. this gives the video an eclective mix of styles and manipulations that changes every two seconds. but also keeping continuity throughout with the retainment of the main performer.